Cognos date time prompt value format in Native SQL

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How to define the SQL syntax for the Cognos date time prompt function of the IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager for Wireless?


The wrong syntax is as following and this causes the above error screen to be shown.

SQL syntax to_date(#prompt('pt_start')#,'MON DD, YYYY HH:MI AM') and "HSIA_CELL_TAB_VIEW"."TSTAMP"<=to_date(#prompt('pt_end')#,'MON DD, YYYY HH:MI AM')

Resolving the problem

The correct syntax is as shown below:-

SQL syntax to_date#sq(prompt('pt_start'),'MON DD, YYYY HH:MI AM')# and "HSIA_CELL_TAB_VIEW"."TSTAMP"<=to_date#sq(prompt('pt_end'),'MON DD, YYYY HH:MI AM')#

Please refer to the following link for tips/correct syntax for the SQL prompt value:-

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