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Where do I get support for IBM SPSS Student Version or Graduate Pack software?


Where to get Support:

Support is provided either by the company you purchased your software from or IBM. Link directly to these organizations for support on your product:
On the Hub
For all other organizations, please use this IBM student page to open a support request.

IBM Support Knowledgebase: Search more than 4,000 articles on product use and operation

IBM SPSS Data Collection
IBM SPSS Modeler
IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys

IBM Education Assistant Videos

Installing IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Student Version

IBM Support Support FAQs: Direct links to the most frequently used tech notes.

1. How to download & install Student & Graduate Pack Statistics
2. How do I get a license for my SPSS Student & Graduate Pack?
3. Can I move my IBM SPSS software license to a new computer?
4. Where can I find Fix Packs for IBM SPSS Products?
5. Error Message: You are not allowed to generate any more new licenses
6. Authorization failed.: The authorization code entered is not for this product/version
7. Error Message: 2085 37 - Error # 2085. The temporary period for running SPSS for Windows without a license has expired. Specific symptom 37
8. Academic user looking for the authorization code of IBM SPSS Statistics 20
9. Compatibility Charts for the SPSS products
10. Blank box with OK button when installing SPSS Statistics on Macintosh OS X

How to open a Student Support Request

Step 1: Register with the IBM website
All users of IBM Student Support Services must complete a one-time website registration.
Problems with registration? Click here.

Step 2: Login for the first time
2a - Click first login to complete this one-time step to agree to terms and conditions, and agree to IBM’s privacy statement.
2b - Verify your email as requested following your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Open a service request
After completing Step 1 and Step 2, you can open a service request or check the status of existing requests.

*Japanese language requests only:

Japanese Student Portal (日本語)への登録とログイン

Other Considerations:
If your company has purchased a Support maintenance contract from IBM, register here.
Problems with maintenance contract registration? Click here.

What to Expect from IBM Student Support Services

  • Assistance with installation and licenses of SPSS Student Version and SPSS GradPack
  • Response time within two business days
  • A web-based service to review and update your support requests

For this assistance, follow the Steps 1-3 above to open a Service Request to IBM via the web. Additional resources for students include tutorials and certification programs. See also SPSS Solutions for Education.

Academic Versions of SPSS Software

To purchase an academic version of SPSS software review the various purchase options.
NOTE: If you purchased from a reseller, please contact your reseller for download, licensing and installation support.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Analytics SPSS Data Collection Platform Independent Not Applicable n/a
Business Analytics SPSS Amos Windows Not Applicable Grad Pack, Shrinkwrap, Campus
Business Analytics SPSS Modeler Platform Independent Not Applicable
Business Analytics SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Windows Not Applicable
Business Analytics SPSS Statistics Platform Independent Not Applicable Campus Edition, Grad Pack, Student Version

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