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Roles required to delete tasks in Rational Synergy

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What are the roles required to delete tasks in IBM Rational Synergy?


If a task was created by mistake or the change has been deemed to be unnecessary before any changes were made then it may be acceptable to delete the task.

In some environments you may not be prohibited from deleting a task. In this situation you could change the status of the Task to excluded or some other suitable state where it will not be used in a project update.


Here are the user permissions and roles required to delete a task:

  • When you have the pt_admin role you can delete any task created or assigned to you. A user in the pt_admin role can delete any task. The task must not have any associated objects. It is not necessary to be in the pt_admin role when you do the delete but it must be one of your assigned roles.
  • When you have the developer and assigner roles you can delete an assigned task if you are both the assigner and the resolver. The task must not have any associated objects.
  • When you are the creator of a registered task you can delete that task.

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