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The IBM® Business Process Framework® BPF_Operations logs are missing.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The adaptor.log and bp8operations.log files are not being created in the locations specified in the log4j.xml inside the bp8ciops.jar.


Another log4j.xml file is overriding the one used in the bp8ciops.jar



Diagnosing the problem

Extract the log4j.xml file from the bp8ciops.jar and confirm the location of the logs. The path to the bp8ciops.jar file is in the Library Paths box of the Required Libraries tab of the Component Manager.

If the file is set to be generated in the default system folder, there will be no path specified after 'value'. The system directory is System32 on Windows.

    <param name="File" value=adaptor.log"/>
Here a location is defined for the Bp8Operation.log.
    <param name ="File"" value="C:/Program Files/FileNet/BPF/bpfops/Bp8Operation.log"/>

The log files should be in the default system folder or in the folder defined in the path.

Resolving the problem

Check the JRE Parameters box on the Advanced tab of the Component Manager for -Dlog4j configuration.

-Dlog4j.configuration=C:/Program Files/FileNet/AE/Router/log4j.xml

This parameter points the Component Manager to a different log4j.xml which will cause the one inside the bp8ciops.jar to be ignored. In order to use the debug loggers provided for BPF_Operations, this parameter must be removed.

  1. Open Process Task Manager
  2. Stop the Component Manager with the BPF_Operations adaptor
  3. Select the Advanced tab and delete the parameter from the JRE Parameters box
  4. Click Apply
  5. Start the Component Manager

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Software version: 3.6.0, 4.0.0, 4.1.0

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Reference #: 1591821

Modified date: 11 June 2013