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Bit-version and ODBC connectivity with IBM SPSS Statistics & Modeler

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How do different bit-versions (32-bit, 64-bit) for applications, operating systems, and ODBC drivers affect ODBC connectivity?


ODBC connectivity is bit-version dependent


The bit-version (32-bit, 64-bit) of IBM SPSS applications and ODBC drivers must match in order to connect successfully.

Application ODBC Drivers Database
SPSS Statistics & Modeler 64-bit 64-bit Drivers Can be 32 or 64 bit
SPSS Statistics & Modeler 32-bit 32-bit Drivers Can be 32 or 64 bit

If the application and ODBC drivers do not match, the connection will fail. Most versions of Microsoft Office products install 32-bit drivers. Office 2013 and up may provide both 32 & 64 bit drivers for certain products.

To check the bitness of the drivers you have installed, go to Control Panel->System and Security ->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC). In the ODBC Datasource Administrator Window, select the Drivers tab. Find the driver in question, and scroll to the right to the File column. The bitness is usually included in the file name (for example, the SQL driver file name might be SWLSRV32.DLL).

Once you understand your driver bitness, you must install the the application with the same bitness. If your driver is 32 bit, you must install the Statistics or Modeler 32-bit application. An alternative might be to review driver options on Microsoft's web page, to see if there are drivers compatible with your product.

More information can be found within these Microsoft technical articles:


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