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Universal Agent script crashing Windows 2008 servers

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Universal Agent script is not completing within 60 seconds and is killed by force.


Universal Agent crashing Windows 2008 servers


The Universal Agent is forcibly killing its script, causing a memory leak and crashing the Windows 2008 server.

The root cause of the problem was the 60 second limitation. After the MDL was modified to add Runtime=300 to the // SOURCE statement the UA began working correctly.

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Windows 2008

Diagnosing the problem

The following line in the MDL file does not support SCAN.

Numeric C 999999 -FILTER={SCAN(0,Micr) OR SCAN(0,Copy)}

It was added to filter some of the script's results.
Check the UA log Hostname_um_#######-##.logs for errors similar to these.
The log snippet below confirms that FILTER not working:
ters") Entry
elimiters") Aptr @62B83F0 ActualDataSize 57 MaxDataLimit @62B8429
Delimiters") Searching for end delimiter <,> in Aptr @62B83F0 <Copyright
(C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.> in attribute @429E998
Delimiters") Reassigning ValueSize from 0 to 57 for attribute <Label>
Load attribute <Label> size 57 type D data{Copyright (C) Microsoft
Corporation. All rights reserved.}
attribute <Label> ActualAttrValueSize 57 attrValue{Copyright (C)
Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.}
Delimiters") Setting *Rptr to Bptr @NULL
Delimiters") Exit
Released SourceAttrLock for SEptr @429E870 <WMFLORCDS019A> table
Exit: 0x1
ttr") Acquired SourceAttrLock for SEptr @429E870
ttr") Examining attribute <Label> with size 57
ttr") Examining attribute <Numeric> with size 0
Attr") Note: initializing empty attribute <Numeric> in table <Customer>
ttr") Examining attribute <Version> with size 0
Attr") Note: initializing empty attribute <Version> in table
Attr") Released SourceAttrLock for SEptr @429E870
Attr") *** Not all attributes loaded for table <Customer>
@10614B0. Total 3, loaded 1 Count 57 Actual Buffer Size 57
Attr") Buffer @62B83E0 state changed from ValidData to NotInUse
Attr") Exit: 0x1
The following log snippets below indicate the VBScript not completing within 60 seconds
(4EFDEAE9.0001-34A0:kumatbl.cpp,195,"tableManagerList constructor")
Table manager file <C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6\WORK\KUMATBLS> is currently in
use, retrying...
(4EFDEAEC.0000-34A0:kumatbl.cpp,178,"tableManagerList constructor")
Error: unable to rename table manager file
<C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6\WORK\KUMATBLS> errno=13, rc=-1
(4EFDEAEC.0001-34A0:kumatbl.cpp,221,"tableManagerList constructor")
Determine if another copy of Universal Agent is already active on this
system. Exiting...

(4F151A99.0000-32D0:kumplscr.c,2034,"KUMP_LaunchScript") ***** Child
process 13740 did not exit in the 60 seconds allowed
TerminateProcess successful for child process 11312 <vxdmpadm.exe>
started by script <cscript.exe
TerminateProcess successful for child process 13740, script <cscript.exe

Resolving the problem

Add or modify the Runtime parameter on //SOURCE statement. By default, the Script Data Provider allows a script a maximum of only 60 seconds to complete. Any script that exceeds the 60-second time limit is terminated to prevent a gradual accumulation of script processes that are in an endless loop or indefinite wait. If a script sometimes requires longer than 60 seconds to finish typical execution, you can give the script additional time by specifying a Runtime=nnn parameter, where nnn is the number of seconds. The Runtime= parameter is valid only for the SCRIPT source type. This parameter is ignored for all other source types. The following example shows how you can code the Runtime parameter: //SOURCE SCRIPT Runtime=200 Interval=300

Related information

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More support for: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6
ITM Universal Agent V6

Software version: 6.2.2

Operating system(s): Windows

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Modified date: 27 April 2017

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