3270 sessions missing after installing WebSphere Voice Response Fix Pack 2

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3270 Session Manager window does not have any session listed after installing WebSphere Voice Response Fix Pack 2.


The following WebSphere Voice Response Fix Packs update the configuration file tasklist.data in $SYS_DIR (/usr/lpp/dirTalk/db/sys_dir):

WVR V6.1 Fix Pack 2 (
WVR V4.2.Fix Pack 2 (

The update incorrectly overwrites the tasklist.data file. Therefore any customization made to this file, including the addition of the CTRL3270 task, will be removed.


WebSphere Voice Response systems at fix level:

V6.1 or higher

V4.2 or higher

Resolving the problem

The configuration error can be corrected by performing the following:

  1. Shutdown WebSphere Voice Response with DT_shutdown.

  2. Edit the file /usr/lpp/dirTalk/db/sys_dir/tasklist.data and insert the line:
    H   20  CTRL3270

  3. Save the file and restart WebSphere Voice Response.

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WebSphere Voice Response for AIX
WebSphere Voice Response

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4.2, 6.1

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