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Distributed Agent may Loop after ITM V622 FP07 or V623 FP1

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A potential CPU loop may occur in any distributed agent where a complex embedded situation is stopped or modified by the user while the agent is disconnected from the Tivoli Enterprise Management System (TEMS). This occurs after installing IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.2 FP7 or 6.2.3 FP1.


A defect was introduced by APAR IV04585 which was delivered in ITM 6.22 FP7 and ITM 6.23 FP1.

The following information describes the scenarios for when a CPU loop might occur:

1. The agent is running complex an embedded situation, i.e. situation that combines different agent attributes/tables.

2. The agent runs in autonomous mode ( this occur by default when agent loses TEMS connection or TEMS becomes unavailable ) and a complex embedded situation triggers.

3. While the agent is running in autonomous mode, the complex embedded situation is stopped or modified by the user.

4. The agent reconnects to the TEMS from autonomous mode, and attempts to upload embedded situation data to the TEMS.

Once any of these occur the agent will continue to loop trying to process complex embedded situation events.


Stop the agent, delete the persistent situations file psit_<hostname>_<pc>.str located in the $CTIRA_SIT_PATH directory and restart the agent.

The default value of CTIRA_SIT_PATH directory on Windows is $ITMHOME/TMAITM6, On Unix, %ITMHOME/<platform>/<PC>/bin


APAR IV18016 has been created to resolve the problem and this has been shipped in ITM V622 FP8 and will also be delivered in ITM V623 FP2.

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