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IBM recently discovered issues in the accuracy of TADDM discovery data introduced with the 7.2.1 release. Fixes for underlying issues have been identified and shall be available as a 7.2.1 GA refresh scheduled to release August 31, 2012. (This is a target date and does not represent a formal commitment by IBM. This date is subject to change without notice.)


Changes made in the TADDM 7.2.1 code have inadvertently created four specific data integrity issues. IBM is working to quickly resolve them and will notify customers as soon as fixes are available.

If you run release 7.2.0 or older, IBM recommends you to postpone your migration to 7.2.1 until the GA refresh is available to you.
If you have already attempted or can't reschedule an ongoing migration activity, please contact TADDM support.
If you have already migrated to 7.2.1 and are experiencing one of the issues noted in the detailed document provided below please contact TADDM support.

More information is provided in the following document.

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