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Increase width of IltLink on mouse over

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How to ease the selection of links ?


It is possible to increase the width of the link as soon as the mouse is over it. You can do this by using the css hover properties. As an example, you can define the lineWidth property (when the object is in the normal state and in the hover state) in the Alarm sample (jviews-tgo88\samples\network\alarm - see the data\network.css file): 

object."ilog.tgo.model.IltObject" {
 primaryAlarmState: Raw;
 labelFont: "arial-plain-12";
 labelBackground: '';
 interactor: @+objInter;
 lineWidth: 6; /* Add this code line 220 */

object."ilog.tgo.model.IltObject":hover {
 labelFont: "arial-bold-12";
 labelBackground: '#6000FFFF';
 lineWidth: 16; /* Add this code line 230 */

Document information

More support for: IBM ILOG JViews Telecom Graphic Objects

Software version: 8.7, 8.8

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1591359

Modified date: 18 April 2012