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Clarity Server - Error Saving Data in a Clarity Server Template - unknown characters

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to save a specific template in the IBM Clarity server application, the error message: "Error Saving Data in Template" followed by some Chinese characters is displayed.


Error message: "Error Saving Data in Template" followed by some Chinese characters.


This error message usually happens when the template process a large amount of data and the template is not being entirely parsed. It is most likely a performance issue.


IBM Clarity Server 7.x

Diagnosing the problem

  1. Open a specific template in browser;
  2. Save the template;
  3. Notice the error message from Symptom

Resolving the problem

Check to see if the enhanced Audit Trail option in enabled within the config.xml file located under the Web folder. The first step is to disable it and test the template in Clarity application in browser.

The enhanced option may cause performance issue as it provides more detailed reporting capabilities than the standard Audit Trail and contains record of all OLAP data intersections that were updated using templates.This setting writes back more details to the OLAP cells table and OlapAuditTrail table in the database.

In order to troubleshoot and resolve this issue, try turning audit trails off on the template, enhanced audit trail off, set the logs to a lower level in Log4net.config file under ClarityServer\Logs folder. to increase the performance of the retrieval.

*Note that the Audit Trail option will remain enabled and the Template Audit Trail still contains a record of all instances of templates saved by user, even if the enhanced feature is disabled.

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