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Understanding the Story Points Progress Report

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How do you interpret the Story Points Progress Report based on the variety of items included and various calculations used to render the report with IBM Rational Team Concer (RTC)?


When using the Story Points Progress report, it is important to understand the calculation of each item to better gauge the report display and how to adjust current work assignment.


Work Item Types

Before understanding the Story Points Progress Report, it is important to understand that within a plan, work items are classified under two types:

  1. Plan Items
    Plan Items are considered top level work items. These work items are usually container work items, such as Epic or Story work item types in the Scrum Template, which will be further elaborated into the execution items.
  2. Execution Items
    Execution Items are work items which are not considered top-level, and are usually assigned to individual team members to track work being done. In the Scrum Template, these work items would be Tasks or Defects. The time estimation for an Execution Item is typically in days or hours.

The calculations of the Story Points Progress Report (further addressed below) will depend on the work item types indicated above.

Percentage of 'Items Estimated'
A Work Item in the Story Points Progress Report is marked as estimated if it is an Execution Item, otherwise it will be marked as estimated if the Plan Item complexity attribute is not zero.

Counts and Percentage of 'Items Completed'
"Items Completed" is a count of all the work items that are resolved, regardless of whether the work item is configured as a Plan Item or an Execution Item.

'Expected Story Points' and 'Behind By' Calculation
The Calculation for 'Expected Story Points' and 'Behind By' items are as follows:

    RealTimeProgress =

    RealTimeDone[resolved] / (RealTimeDone[unresolved] + RealTimeLeft)


RealTimeDone[resolved] is the sum of all the Story Points from resolved Plan Items.

RealTimeDone[unresolved] is the sum of all the Story Points from unresolved Plan Items.

'Expected Hours' and 'Behind By' calculation

The calculation for the 'Expected Hours' and 'Behind By' items are as follows:

    Progress =

    [Total Time Spent] - [Number of Available Hours]


    Total Time Spent is the sum of the Estimate/Correction attributes for all execution items, from the plan start date until the time the report is run.

    Number of Available Hours is the number of allocation hours for all the users in team, from the plan start date until the time the report is run.

If progress is negative, this indicates that the team is behind schedule.Alternatively, if the Progress is positive then the team is ahead of schedule.

Leverage the Jazz Community

Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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