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ANS0106E Message index not found for message xxxxx

Technote (troubleshooting)


ANS0106E messages appear in the dsmerror.log during Tivoli Storage Manager client operations


The ANS0106E message appears in the dsmerror.log and could explain strange behavior with Tivoli Storage Manager programs or operations.


The language/message file, dscenu.txt, may not be the correct version or may be corrupt.

Installation, upgrade, or even Microsoft updates have been known to cause this file to be corrupted or not get updated correctly.

Note: This error has been known to cause the scheduler service to crash or not stay started.

Resolving the problem

The dscenu.txt file located in the baclient directory needs to be replaced with the correct version.

Upon installation of Tivoli Storage Manager Client a TSM_Images folder should have been created in the root of the C drive by default. In that directory navigate to the following directory:
C:\TSM_Images\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient

If this folder does not exist, you can run the Tivoli Storage Manager client installer and it will create the folder.

Next, copy the dscenu.txt file and paste it in your working baclient directory:

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\tsm\baclient
Also place the file in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Tivoli\TSM\api64\

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