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"The file is not in a Recognizable format" when opening any report caused by code production problem in Controller 10.1.384 and earlier.

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Opening any Report from either Controller or Excel returns an error.

For example, user launches Controller, and then logs out. Then user launches Excel, then logs into database (via excel link). User selects "Reports > Open Report" and chooses a report. User clicks "Open". User receives error.

Problem can also appear when user uses "Reports - Create" functionality.

Problem may appear to be intermittent, because it may only occur if Controller/Excel is launched/logged-onto in a specific order/sequence.


The file is not in a Recognizable format

Alternatively, the user may see the following error:
Standard Error
Number: 76
Source: mscorlib
Description: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\cognos\ccr\USERdatabasename'.
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject.Raise(Int32 Number, Object
Source, Object Description ...


There are several potential causes for the 'The file is not in a Recognizable format' error.

  • For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1647017.

This IBM Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause is a code production problem in Controller 10.1.384 and earlier.

Resolving the problem

Upgrade to Controller 10.1.387 or later.

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