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How to reduce the maximum number of pages allocated for the CNMCANZ0 data space (for CANZLOG)


There is an parameter that can be used to reduce the maximum number of pages allocated for CNMCANZ0 data space. The parameter is called TINYDS, and would be specified on the INITPARM parameter of the _first_ SUBSYS statement containing INITRTN(DSI4LSIT).

Example syntax of the statement would be: SUBSYS SUBNAME(xxxx) INITRTN(DSI4LSIT) INITPARM('TINYDS')

This parameter limits the data space size to .5G, or 131072 (decimal) pages, which is one quarter the size of the full data space.

Review NetView for z/OS 6.1 Documentation APAR OA38553 for more details.

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