AIX-based launchpad, TAMOS / PDOS, & shell processes

Technote (troubleshooting)


Applications do not launch thru launchpad on AIX-based Proviso and TNPM Wireline systems when TAMOS policy controls shell processes and their children are running on same system.


1. Netcool/Proviso or TNPM Wireline is installed on the same system that TAMOS (Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems) or PDOS (Tivoli SecureWay Policy Director for Operating Systems) is installed.

2. When launch an application through launchpad, a pop-up window saying the requested action "will start shortly, please be patient..." appears, but nothing happens after 'OK' is clicked. No error messages or warnings appear through the GUI. No error messages or warnings are written to the console or any log files.


TAMOS (formerly called PDOS) is preventing launchpad applications from launching

Diagnosing the problem

1. Verify that this is an AIX-based system where TAMOS or PDOS and Proviso or TNPM Wireline are both installed on the same system

2 Stop TAMOS and try again to launch applications using Launchpad. If Proviso and TNPM Wireline applications still do not launch through Launchpad, the issue is most likely at the shell processes level.

Resolving the problem

Exempt the current shell process and all its children from TAMOS policy. These are the steps for doing this:

1. Close launchpad.

2. If PDOS is currently stopped, start it by running 'rc.osseal start'

3. Wait 10 seconds and run 'pdosctl -s,' to ensure that the PDOS daemons are running. The 'pdoslpmd' and 'pdoslrd' may or may not be running. The 'pdosd,' 'pdoswdd,' and 'pdosauditd' daemons should be running.

4. In the shell where you will be running launchpad, run '/opt/pdos/bin/pdosexempt -i $$' to exempt the current shell process and its children from the PDOS policy.

5. Invoke launchpad and see if launchpad applications now work

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Systems and Asset Management Netcool/Proviso Not Applicable AIX 4.4.3 All Editions
Security Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems Not Applicable AIX 6.0 All Editions

Document information

More support for:

Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager
IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager (TNPM Wireline) Platform

Software version:

1.3.0, 1.3.1

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