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What are the steps to migrate from virtual appliance on 5.x to Hypervisor on 6.x

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Migrating from virtual appliance on 5.x to Hypervisor on 6.x


Follow these steps:

  1. Download the projects from the 5.x appliance
    1. From WMC go to the project configuration details page by clicking on the project in the WMC dashboard
    2. Click on ‘Download’
    3. Repeat this process for all the projects on the appliance
  2. Bring up the appliance using 6.x version OVA file.
  3. Configure the network settings as per the instructions in the Installation guide.
  4. Open the projects one by one in 6.x Studio
  5. Check the mappings and publish the projects to the 6.x appliance
  6. Configure the WMC User settings and load required certificates manually
  7. Test the projects

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Modified date: 22 October 2012