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Under rare circumstances, when using the OS/390 Indexer to load a report with the arsload command, the load may result in incorrect index values and/or some lines of the report not being stored.



All of the following conditions must be met for the problem to exist. However, these conditions do not always result in incorrect index values or missing report data.

  • Indexing instructions specify either INDEXSTYLE=PAGE or INDEXSTYLE=PDOC
  • Indexing instructions for the transaction index specify TYPE=GROUPRANGE2

    For example:
  • The FIELD parameter used to locate the “end range” index value will have a non-zero row value.

    For example:
    The “57” in the above example is the row value.

  • Documents have an uncompressed size of more than 1,048,320 bytes. This uncompressed document size is stored in the DOC_LEN column of the Application Group Data Table.
  • The documents were stored using one of the following versions of the OS/390 Indexer: V8.4.0, V8.4.1 or V8.5.0.

Not all such documents will be in error. Documents that are missing lines of data will have a value in the DOC_LEN column of the Application Group Data Table that is less than the original document length.

Note: Documents migrated from OnDemand V2.1 or IAFC, and those stored using V7.1 of the OS/390 Indexer are not affected by this problem.


If all of the above conditions are met, one or more of these issues may occur:

  • The transaction index values may be taken from the wrong page of the document. For example, the end range value may be taken from the next to last page of the document instead of the last page of the document.
  • The end range value for page number in INDEXSTYLE=PAGE reports may be larger than the actual number of pages in the document.
  • Some number of lines at the end of one or more documents may be missing.


All OnDemand users should install this APAR.

To determine if the problem exists on your system, run the following steps:

  1. Install PTF for PM58481.
  2. Run analysis program ARSZOS3A provided with the PTF. This program analyzes the Application Indexing Parameters to identify Application Group / Application combinations that warrant further review. Note: Due to the selection method being used, more Application Group / Application combinations may appear on the list than actually have the problem. The list produced contains those combinations that could potentially have the problem.
  3. Load a report occurrence for each AG/APP identified in Step 2 using the pre-PTF level of the OS/390 Indexer already installed on your system. After the load completes, review the index values and documents to determine if a problem exists.
    1. If no problem exists, eliminate the AG/APP from the list generated by Step 2 and continue with the next identified AG/APP on the list.
    2. If a problem does exist, then additional analysis is required to determine whether any existing documents from previous loads have been impacted. In this case, you should leave the AG/APP in the list generated by Step 2 and use it in the input to Step 4.
  4. Only perform this step if items were found as described in Step 3b. Run the ARSZOS3B program. The ARSZOS3B program will take the AG/APPs identified by Step 3b and search for specific documents that may be in error. It is possible that documents reported by ARSZOS3B are not in error.
  5. In all cases, use the installed OS/390 Indexer provided with PM58481 PTF for all future loads.

Additional details regarding the use of the ARSZOS3A and ARSZOS3B programs can be found in the document “APAR PM58481 Installation and Execution”. This document can be found on the OnDemand for z/OS support web site by searching on the string “PM58481” at

If you have any immediate concerns or questions concerning this bulletin, please contact the IBM Support Center.

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