IBM Flash Alert for Near Line Storage (NLS) 2.0.0 missing instructions for NetApp SnapLock Devices in IBM FileNet Image Services

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A problem was found with NLS version 2.0.0 where NLS indicates a document has been archived to the NetApp SnapLock Device by populating the index FNP_ARCHIVE. An IBM Flash Alert was published and instructed users that a mandatory update was required.The FNP_ARCHIVE Index was populated on Image Services but the document was not retrievable from the NetApp SnapLock Device. If FNP_ARCHIVE is reset, the document will get pulled from Optical or MSAR. Unfortunately, the procedures related to the NetApp SnapLock Devices are missing.


Diagnosing the problem

To verify the version of NLS being used, run this command:
NLS_start -v

Perform a simple test using docfetch for a good document and then test a document not archived (if there is one). If he "-v" option is added, it will pull the document regardless if the document is in cache or not. This will tell if the archived document is valid. If it fails, an entry will be placed in the elog and in the window where the command was run.

For a quick test, just use one Document ID.
docfetch -s –v <Doc ID>

Resolving the problem

To resolve this problem, perform the following:

  1. Update the patch levels as per the IBM Flash Alert (NLS, Image Services, and IBM FileNet Image Services ToolKit) Note: The NLS upgrade is needed to prevent any new documents being archived incorrectly.
  2. Use docfetch to identify the problem documents archived the NetApp SnapLock Device
    Range: docfetch –s –v –l <starting doc_id>-<ending doc_id>
    File List: docfetch –s –v –l -f testdocfetch ;cd to the path where your file list is located. The file should contain a list of document ids, one id per line.
  3. Use sds_migr to resolve the issue with the problem documents:
sds_migr -sds <SDS Device> -overwrite -writelist -doc_file <FileList>

Options used for "sds_migr":
  • sds - The SDS Device is obtained from DOC_tool. When using the sds option, the SDS Device is case sensitive.
  • overwrite - The overwrite option has the document re-written to the target SDS unit. (If the sds_id is written, The sds_id must be set to an asterisk. (See IBM Technote
  • writelist - The writelist option generates a list of migrated documents. The list file is located at: /fnsw/local/logs/bkglog/SDSMigrDocs.nnn.
  • doc_file - The doc_file option specifies the name of a text file containing a list of document ids, one id per line. Be sure to change the directory (cd command) to the location of the file.

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