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Adding a Legislation field to the Solution application



Service Desk analysts mightvwant to include a Legislation field on the Solutions application to indicate that the solution complies with the selected Legislation. The default Solutions application does not include a field to store such information. However, such a field can be easily configured using Database Configuration and Application Designer.


Follow these steps to add a Legislation field to the Solutions application:

1. If you want to use a Domain to specify a list of values that can be used, click GoTo --> System Configuration --> Platform Configuration --> Domains to open the Domains application. Define the domain and enter the available values.

2. Click GoTo --> System Configuration --> Platform Configuration --> Database Configuration application and create a new field on the SOLUTION object to hold the Legislation data. If you created a domain that contains valid Legislation values, specify that the new field uses that Domain.

3. Click GoTo --> System Configuration --> Platform Configuration --> Application Designer application, select the Solutions application and add a new textbox that maps to the new ticket field. If the new field uses an ALN domain, specify valuelist as the lookup value.

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Modified date: 07 November 2016

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