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Is there a QnA for the non-Windows BigFix Clients such as Unix, Linux, Macintosh, or AIX?

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All of the non-Windows BigFix Clients include a QnA tool with the distribution.


There are actually two versions.
•/opt/BESClient/bin/qna - Command line version
•/opt/BESClient/bin/xqna - X Windows version

To allow the qna tool to work properly you will want to set a variable to indicate where the BigFix Client configuration information resides. To do this, you can create a simple shell script to set this, or you can add the variable setting to your default startup scripts: Using your favorite editor, create a file called "runqna' with the following contents:
export BESClientConfigPath
export LIBPATH=/opt/BESClient/bin

Note: For HPUX systems you need to run an additional command:
export SHLIB_PATH=/opt/BESClient/bin

You can then allow this script to be executable:
# chmod a+x runqna

Then to run qna from the command line:

IBM does provide a DMG file that includes the QnA utility for the Macintosh BigFix Client.
You can find the DMG file here:

You can follow the steps below to extract the BigFix Client:
1. Download the DMG file to the particular Macintosh system.
2. Mount the file by double clicking on the DMG file
3. The QnA utility can be found within the mounted directory structure

This tool is also called the relevance debugger.

Note: See also the following article:

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