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How do I change the transaction logging behavior for Microsoft SQL Server?

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How can I change the transaction logging for behavior for Microsoft SQL Server?


To change the SQL Server transaction type, perform the following steps:
1. On the BES Server database host, open Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Log into Management Studio using your NT or SQL credentials and Connect.
Note that the account you use will need to have 'sa' level privileges in order to change the transaction logging. Make sure you log in with an account that has this type of privilege.

3. Browse to Databases in the navigation window and right click on the 'bfenterprise' database and go to 'Properties'.

4. Under the 'Options' group, change the 'Recovery Model' from 'Full' to 'Simple'

5. Repeat the steps above for the 'besreporting' database and 'bfinventory' if using SUA/DSS-SAM.

Note: Changing the logging type does not affect the ability for the database to effectively recover from errors because the BES architecture uses a different error recovery scheme that is not dependent on full transaction logging.

Note: Setting the transaction log mode to simple can significantly reduce the size of the .ldf file, saving disk space on the BES Server.

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