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What versions of WebSphere Application Server can be used with Sametime 8.5?

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Where can you find information about the base version of WebSphere Application Server for a Sametime 8.5 release, what other versions can be used, and any fixes required?


Sametime 8.5 ships with and requires a base version of WebSphere Application Server, which is specified in the Sametime System Requirements. Updating your server(s) to a later WebSphere Application Sever fix pack might require additional interim fixes (iFixes), which is indicated in a technote (release note) posted to the IBM Support Portal. Both the SDK and the fix pack should be applied.

The information from the System Requirements and technotes is summarized in the table below.

Sametime version Base WebSphere (Network deployment) version Later WebSphere fix pack and interim fixes
8.5.2 IFR 1 with additional, required iFixes
  • - (contains all iFixes)
  • - fix that includes PM74827, PM78429, PM81363, and PM82550
  • - fix that includes PM47418 and PM53217
  • - fix that includes PM33575, PM45676, PM45352, PM46898, PM47418, PM53217
  • - fix that includes PM37996, PM08491, PM35951, PM36035, PM37248, PM35730, PM31742, PM34189, PM34709, PM34920, PM34957, PM40694, PM37079, PM33575, PM45676, PM45352, PM46898, PM47418, PM53217
  • To download the latest fix package for WebSphere, go to Fix Central, select WebSphere Application Server and the appropriate installed version. In the "APAR for SPR" field in Fix Central, search for the APAR numbers from the list above to identify the latest fix to download.
8.5.2 with additional, required iFixes
8.5.1 including required WebSphere iFixes --
8.5.0 --
*NOTE: For Websphere, it is recommended to install the iFix in order to avoid connectivity issues with AOL from the ST Gateway. See the following document for details: " After Installing WAS FP 23 ( onto a Sametime Gateway deployment, Connectivity to AOL is lost" (#1606596)

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