Export policies from TCIM 8.5 to TSIEM 2.0

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I have got a set of policies present in TCIM 8.5. I want the same set of policies in TSIEM 2.0.


1. Create a duplicate of the Committed Policies on the TCIM GUI. The duplicate policy will show up as Working policy.
2. Close the Policy console on the TCIM 8.5 GUI as well as the TSIEM GUI.
3. Copy the policy folders for the policies that you want to export from the following directory on the TCIM Server:

{TCIM Directory}\Server\config\grouping\work

Copy the above selected policy folders to the TSIEM 2.0 server on the directory {TSIEM Directory}\sim\sever\config\grouping\work

4. Log into the TSIEM GUI and verify that the imported policies are present as working policies.

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Security Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager Windows 8.5

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Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager

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