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The directory being trailed by the Directory Trailer of the UCM contains some .zip/tar/gz/rar files created by other processes. How can I configure the UCM Directory Trailer to ignore such compressed files ?


There is a filter in the UCM Directory trailer to ignores such .zip/tar/rar/gz files.

For enabling this:

  1. Stop the UCM service
  2. Add the following line to your ucm.cfg file being used by the UCM: = ^*.(?!zip|rar|tar|gz)*$

    Replace the # in the above line with the actual directory trailer number that is being used in the ucm.cfg file for collecting events from the event source.
  3. Start up the UCM service.

The UCM in this case would ignore all .zip/tar/rar/gz files that might be present in the directory that is being trailed by it.

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