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Large amount of sockets opened on ESXi

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Why are there a large number of open sockets on ESXi 4.1 opened with Virtual Server Protection?


If there is a large amount of virtual machine activity, for example a lot of powering on and off of protected virtual machines, the ESXi will leave a large number of sockets in a state where they will not be cleaned up. The sockets will show using esxcli network connection list on the ESXi server.

This only affects ESXi 4.1 and appears to be a problem with that particular release (and it's updates). In most cases a restart of management will correct the issues. Another alternative is to shut down and power on the Virtual Server Protection virtual machine (SVM).

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More support for: IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware

Software version: 1.1,,

Operating system(s): Firmware

Reference #: 1589261

Modified date: 03 January 2016