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Is the IBM Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter replaced with the IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) Extension?


Can the Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter be used in Rational ClearCase version 8.0? Is the Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter supported in Rational ClearCase version 8.0?


In Rational ClearCase version 8.0, the Rational ClearTeam Explorer (CTE) Extension is the preferred ClearCase integration with Eclipse and the SCM Adapter is still supported for ClearCase version 8.0.

The CTE supports the use of web views and dynamic views capabilities. The SCM Adapter may support additional use cases that CTE does not at this time, depending on your needs, it is advised that you evaluate both user interfaces and determine which may be the best choice.

    1. From ClearCase, CTE supports snapshot view. If you are using 8.0.0.x or pre- version and snapshot views are a requirement of your ClearCase usage, then the SCM Adapter should be used.
    2. The Rational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) WAN Server is only used for web views. The CTE supports web views.
    3. The CTE supports dynamic views when the full ClearCase client including MVFS (multi-version file system) installed on the same host as the CTE is installed.

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