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Collecting Data for SysBack (Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery): Backup to Tivoli Storage Manager Server

Technote (FAQ)


Collecting Data documents aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs).


1) Manually Gathering General Information

  • Complete SysBack version, to 4 digits: lslpp -l *.sysback.*
  • Tivoli Storage Manager API version: lslpp -l tivoli.tsm.client.*
  • AIX version, technology level, and service pack: oslevel -s
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Server version, to 4 digits
  • Tivoli Storage Manager server OS and OS version
  • sbenvsup.<mmddyyyy>.tar
    Generated by running from AIX:
      # sbenv -d /tmp -t -a

Or, from smitty sysback: Utilities -> Gather SysBack and System Information ->
    Type or select values in entry fields.
    Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

    [TOP] [Entry Fields]
    Directory Name [/tmp] /
    Archive data (tar format) yes +
    Compress archive image (AIX "compress" command) no +

    Gather all data yes +

2) Manually Gathering Specific Information
  • Command or script you're running for the backups
  • Logs generated from the backups
  • sysback.out
    Generated by recreating with debug turned on as follows:
    # script /tmp/sysback.out
    # export SBDEBUG=1
    # <sysback command or script you're running>
    # exit

3) Tivoli Storage Manager information

From the sysback client:
  • Tivoli Storage Manager opt file, for example: dsm.opt.tsm0
    Found in /usr/lpp/sysback/tsm
  • Tivoli Storage Manager sys file: dsm.sys
    Found in /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin
  • Tivoli Storage Manager error log: sbtsmerror.log
    By default found in /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin, or in directory specified by DSMI_LOG, or path and filename as specified in dsm.sys by errorlogname

From the Tivoli Storage Manager Server command line (dsmadmc):
  • q node <nodename> f=d > qnode.out
  • q system > qsystem.out
  • q actlog begindate=-1 begintime=06:00 > actlog.out
    Or for the duration of the attempted backup.

Submitting Information to IBM Support

After a PMR is open, you can submit diagnostic troubleshooting data to IBM via FTP, HTTP upload, or email. For details see the following link: "sending documentation to Support for problem determination"

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