e3270ui shows no Sysplex data

Technote (troubleshooting)


Installed OMEGAMON XE on z/OS V510. Logging on to e3270ui interface shows a blank screen (i.e. no sysplex data).


The HUB TEMS is at ITM 6.2.2 FP7 level

Diagnosing the problem

OMEGAMON XE on z/OS V510 (i.e. KM5) requires ITM 6.2.3 Fix Pack 1 level and the TEMS 6.2.3 Fix Pack 1 level.

Resolving the problem

The RKLVLOG from the Remote z/OS TEMS shows following errors:

"rpc protocol error", ncs/KDC1_STC_PROTO_ERROR
followed by
KOBIRAM OB agent is shutting down, rc=0
Once the OB agent shuts down, you will not see any e3270ui data.

Analysis of the HUB TEMS log shows the HUB TEMS is at TMS_CTBS622FP7 level. This equates to ITM 6.2.2 Fix Pack 7. This is the reason the OB agent shuts down.
The OMEGAMON XE V510 agents require ITM 6.2.3 to be installed. The HUB TEMS at 6.2.2 Fix Pack 7 level, does not understand the information being sent by the Remote TEMS on which the OMEGAMON XE on z/OS is running. Consequently the OB agent shuts down.
Please ensure you have ITM 6.2.3 Fix Pack 1 level installed on the TEP and the HUB TEMS.

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