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IBM Cognos 10 introduces new configuration parameters for email attachments. This technote explains their role and steps to configure all of them properly. In IBM Cognos 8, it was just one parameter available on the delivery service and the purpose was clear, while new parameters in IBM Cognos 10 may lead to confusion.


When it is not configured properly some unexpected behavior can be seen:

1. An empty report file is attached to email. The run history of the report do not indicate any issues and whole process seems to be processed successfully.

2. Delivery service rejects attachments even if they are not too big after compression.

3. Attachments are always zipped or always uncompressed.


Documentation for IBM Cognos 10.1 describes how to set Compression for Email Attachments but there are four new parameters which, if configured improperly, may block attachment at some step.

Resolving the problem

New settings for maximum size of an email attachment in MB in Cognos 10:

1. Maximum size of uncompressed mail attachment for delivery service in MB
This parameter has the same role as 'Maximum size of an uncompressed email attachment in MB' in IBM Cognos 8 and determines the limit above which the attachment should be delivered in compressed form.

2. Maximum size of uncompressed mail attachment for report service in MB,
Maximum size of uncompressed mail attachment for batch report service in MB,
Maximum size of uncompressed mail attachment for agent service in MB
These three parameters have different role than the parameter for delivery service. It is a size limit examined for uncompressed attachment, generated by the service. If attachment will be greater than configured value, then an empty file will be delivered instead. Email with empty attachment suggests this parameter blocked the report.

3. Maximum size of an email message for delivery service in MB
When configuring the 'Maximum size of an email message for delivery service in MB', the size of the message is examined before compression, resulting in an inability to send attachments that would typically be acceptable when compressed. This is a design intent as for deprecated 'mail.attachment.limit' in Cognos 8. If this parameter blocks attachment, then email contains a message:
CNC-SDS-0417 The attachment, '<report name>', in '<output format>' format, of size <X> MB was not delivered. It had to be removed in order to meet the maximum allowable size of <X> MB for all attachments in one email message.

4. mail.attachment.limit
This parameter is deprecated in IBM Cognos 10. Configure 'Maximum size of an email message for delivery service in MB' instead.

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