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Significant features/fixes of WebSphere Application Server Community Edition Version

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IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V3.0.0.1 is a lightweight Open Source-based Application Server which is certified to the Java Enterprise Edition 6 full Profile (Java EE Profile) specification. WebSphere Application Server Community Edition provides a platform to support situational as well as multi-tier enterprise applications with no up-front costs, while providing optional fee-based support offerings and a path to more advanced capabilities through the WebSphere Application Server family.

The release is based on the Apache Geronimo 3.0-beta-1 project and integrates Apache Karaf 2.2.1, Apache Aries 0.3, Apache Tomcat, Apache OpenEJB 4.0.0-beta-1, Apache OpenWebBeans 1.1.1 and other open source components.


Significant features/fixes of the release are as follows:
(1) New features and enhancements

WAS CE now provides:

  • Running multiple server instances
  • Configuring multiple repositories
  • Configuring virtual hosts
  • Disabling specific deployers using system properties
  • Decoupling OpenWebBeans plug-ins from the server
  • Using wildcard character in the deployment plan
  • Sharedlib feature
(2) Development environment

WAS CE Eclipse Plug-in (WEP) for is based on Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in (GEP) 3.0, which supports Eclipse Helios or above, and supports Rational Application Developer (RAD) 8.0+. WEP also provides the following enhancements and features:
  • Classes hot swapping for an OSGi application instead of redeploying the whole OSGi bundle by using Update modified OSGI bundle only option under the Publish Advance section of the WEP server view.
  • Enabling JSP development mode for the server or the web application using a CE specific property org.apache.geronimo.webapplication.stage.

(3) Components upgraded

Apache Tomcat 7.0.23
Apache OpenEJB 4.0.0-beta-1
Apache MyFaces 2.0.9
Apache aries 0.2.2
Apache openwebbeans 1.1.1
Apache axis2 1.6.1
OPS4J pax-logging 1.6.4
Apache XBean 3.8
Apache YOKO 1.3

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