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Announcement Letter for IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS v12.4



General Availability of IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS version 12.4 is 27 April 2012 for media and documentation availability.

The standard in optimization software, technology, and solutions, CPLEX is now available on z/OS, enabling new mathematical optimization capabilities for mainframe applications.
CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS provides flexible, high-performance mathematical programming solvers for linear programming, mixed integer programming, quadratic programming, and quadratically constrained programming problems. CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS includes interfaces in the C and C++ programming languages.


IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS V12.4 features:
CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS enables mathematical optimization in a mainframe environment for operations research practitioners and lines of business in:

  • Finance: banking, financial markets, and insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Government: tax, insurance, and national security

This offering provides greater end-to-end performance, reliability, simplified architecture, and maintenance requirements as opposed to applications deployed in a distributed environment.

Finance, healthcare, and government clients can:

  • Maintain the security and reliability of data for optimization applications within the mainframe environment.
  • Reduce IT and software maintenance costs through simplified architecture.
  • Gain greater end-to-end performance by running optimization models within z/OS.

For more information, see the US Announcement Letter for IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS . Information for other country announcement letters is located here.

To determine what the newest release of IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS is and if the release you are running is still supported see the IBM Software Support Lifecycle Page for IBM CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS.

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