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JMS Text Message enhancement in 7.5 Fix Pack 01



Starting with TPAE / MAM fixpack 7.5.01, you can specify that JMS messages are to be written in text format instead of byte format. This can be set independently for each queue.


In previous releases to TPAE 7.5.01 all messages on the Inbound and Outbound JMS queues were held in Byte format. Furthermore all messages sent to an External Systems JMS Queue by the JMS End Point Handler were in Byte format.

In 7.5.01 there are enhancements to enable the message on the TPAE queues to be held in Text format, as well as End Points based on the JMS Handler to send messages to remote queues in Text format.

This would allow, for example, WebSphere MQ Queues that are configured to use Text format, to be used as the Maximo Queues or Maximo to send messages directly to a WebSphere MQ Queue configured for Text format via the JMS End Point Handler. Or for any other JMS system that uses Text formatted queues.

In order to configure the Inbound and Outbound queues used directly by TPAE, there are new properties to set on the External System:

  • Open the External Systems Application and the External System of your choice.
  • There is now a Text Message Encoding field here to specify the format of the message, typically this would be set to UTF-8.
  • From the Select Action, Add/Modify Queues dialog box there is a check box on each queue defined where you can select if that queue will support Text message format.

For Outbound queues this is a Queue level configuration, so you could not have ExtSys1 setting the SQOUT queue to Text and a ExtSys2 system writing messages in Byte format.

For Inbound Queues, if it is set to support Text, it does not matter what format of messages hits the Queue, as the TPAE consumer of the Queue knows from the message what format it is in - and so will consume it cleanly. Given this statement we would however recommend that the Continuos Error Queue is set to support the same format as it's 'parent' Continuos Queue.

In order to configure TPAE to write message to a remote JMS Queue in Text Format, there is a new property in the JMS Handler: ISTEXT. When ISTEXT is set to 1, the outbound message passed to this End Point Handler will be written in Text format.

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