IBM® FileNet eProcess® 5.2 install returns "IS 4.1.1 must be installed to proceed" message.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Installing IBM FileNet eProcess 5.2 on a server running Image Services 4.1.2 fails with "IS 4.1.1 must be installed to proceed." message.


eProcess 5.2 installation does not complete.


The Windows eProcess 5.2 install checks for a registry entry that exists on a system with IS 4.1.1 installed. The registry entry is not added by IS 4.1.2.


Windows, eProcess 5.2

Diagnosing the problem

Error is received when installing eProcess 5.2 on a system running Image Services 4.1.2.

Resolving the problem

Adding the following registry value to the server where IS 4.1.2 is installed will prevent the error and allow the eProcess 5.2 installer to finish.

Registry Location:


    Type: String value

    Name: ServicePackVersion

    Value: 4.1.SP1

It can be removed after eProcess 5.2 is installed and it is not required by the eProcess patch installer.

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