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Required ports for Secure Connector Communication with Cast Iron Live

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Does the Secure Connector require any ports to be opened within a firewall to communicate with Cast Iron Live?


The Secure Connector is similar to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. It only requires the ability to make an outbound call via HTTPS, which is port 443. As long as the Secure Connector resides on a machine that makes outbound calls via HTTPS, the Secure Connector should be able to link with Cast Iron Live. In other words, if the machine can access a secure website on the internet such as, ideally, no further network modifications need to be made.

NOTE: This only applies to secure connector communication with the cloud. In some network setups, the secure connector machine may have to go through a firewall in order to communicate to the endpoints. If this is the case, then the network admin must adjust the firewall settings to allow the secure connector machine to communicate on the specified ports of the endpoint. For instance, sql server uses a default port of 1433. If there is a firewall between the internal sql server and the secure connector machine, then port 1433 on the firewall needs to be open to allow communication.

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