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Layout of content elements for Practice elements in Rational Method Composer

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How does IBM Rational Method Composer (RMC) build the layout of content elements for Practice elements in the Relationships section?


The layout in the Relationships section for content elements does not always show the name of the different type elements.


You do not always see the name of the different type elements. The reason is that the layout depends on the number of elements with the same type in the References tab.

In the preview tab you might see the element type for the same group of element type. This happens when you selected more than two elements of the same type in the References tab.

Here is an example with steps.

  1. Open Rational Method Composer tool.

  2. Click a Practice element in the Tree view.

  3. Open the Practice element and click the References tab.

  4. Add the content elements in the Content elements section of the Practice element with the following different type elements.

    Four Key Concept elements.

    Four Work Products elements.

    Three Task elements.

    Three Activities elements as Guidance.

    Three Examples and Templates element as Guidance.

    Two Guideline element as Guidance: Business Case and Decomposing Business Process.

  5. Click the Preview tab of the Practice element.

As result RMC will show in the Preview tab in the Relationships section the element type for each group of element type with more than two elements. See Figure 1.

RMC identifies the following artifacts with the element type.

  • the Key Concept,

  • Work Products,

  • Task, Activities,

  • Examples elements,

  • Templates elements.

RMC does not identify the Guideline elements with the element type, because there are only two.

The name Guidance always appears independently of the number of elements, because the Guidance collects more element types.

The Preview tab of the Practice element shows the layout of the content elements, because RMC will display it in the publish site.

Figure 1

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