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How to manually install the Requirements Composer browser plugin for Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6.x

Technote (troubleshooting)


Alternative solution to help install the IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) plugin manually


Some clients have security scripts or restricted permissions in their environments which might prohibit the ability to install plugins by means of the web browser.

Resolving the problem

Steps for manually installing the RRC Plugin for Internet Explorer 8

  1. On your local machine, create a new directory called rrcBrowserAddon.
    This directory can be anywhere you would like it.
    Example: C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\rrcBrowserAddon
  2. On RRC server, copy file from <RRC_HOME>\server\tomcat\webapps\rdm\addons to the <rrcBrowserAddon> directory that you created in step 1.
    If you are using IBM WebSphere Application Server, the path for the cab file will be located in a similar directory to this:
  3. Open a command prompt window, and navigate to the rrcBrowserAddon directory.
    cd <path to rrcBrowserAddon directory>

    Example: cd C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\rrcBrowserAddon
  4. Run command to extract the contents of the cab file:
    expand -F:* <rrc_browser_cab_file> <path to rrcBrowserAddon directory>

    Example: expand -F:* "C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\rrcBrowserAddon"

    Note: Quotation marks are needed around the <path to rrcBrowserAddon directory> if the path includes spaces.
    Note: This command results in the following files being created in the rrcBrowserAddon directory:
    • rrcBrowserAddOn-3.0.1.x_0.inf
    • install-rrcBrowserAddOn-3.0.1.x.cmd
    • npRRC30Plugin.dll
  5. Run the following command to install the plugin on the local machine in the command prompt window.
    (Note: In the <rrcBrowserAddon directory> you created, a file is listed with the name "install-rrcBrowserAddon-3.0.1.x.cmd" - when running this command, be sure that you are referencing the filename that is listed in this directory)

    Example: install-rrcBrowserAddOn-

    Note: You should have a new directory created: C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\RRCAddOn-3.0.1.x
  6. Make new folder called native under :
    C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\RRCAddOn-3.0.1.x
  7. Copy the npRRC30Plugin.dll file located in the <rrcBrowserAddon directory> to the new native folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\RRCAddOn-3.0.1.x\native)
  8. Register the npRRC30Plugin.dll file. In the command prompt window enter:
    regsvr32 <path to npRRC30Plugin.dll>

    Example: regsvr32 "C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\RRCAddOn-\native\npRRC30Plugin.dll"
  9. Using the Internet Explorer browser, connect to your RRC project and try to edit a graphic artifact.
    (Note: You may see a prompt at the top of your screen referencing ActiveX - select to enable ActiveX).

    You should see that you can now edit an artifact.

    As well, on the file system in your C:\Documents and Settings\<my_user>\IBM\RRCAddOn-3.0.1.x\ directory you should have a new folder created called "ie" which indicates that the plugin is working and is available.

Steps for manually invoking the installation RRC 3.0.1.x Plugin for the Firefox Browser:
  1. Browse to the following directory on the Jazz Team Server / RRC Server

    Example: C:/ProgramFiles/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/tomcat/webapps/rdm/addons
  2. Double-click the rrcBrowserAddOn-3.0.1.x_x.xpi file and use Firefox to open the file.
  3. When Firefox opens you will be prompted to begin installation of the RRC plugin. Begin installation.
  4. Once you log into RM application and attempt to edit a diagram, you will be allowed to make changes.

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Software version: 3.0.1,,

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1587987

Modified date: 16 March 2012