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How to do a manual upgrade of Rational Performance Tester

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What are the prerequisites for manually upgrading IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT)?


You want to use an up-to-date RPT release and needs to update with or without Internet connection.



If your RPT computer is connected to the Internet consider the following steps.

  1. Launch IBM Installation Manager.

  2. Click File > Preferences ... . Then verify that you selected check box Search service repositories during installations and updates.

  3. Click Update.

  4. Click the RPT package (IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform) and proceed with the guidance of IBM Installation Manager.

Note : IBM Installation Manager does not read through Automatic Proxy Configuration Script (.pac file). Thus if your organization uses such configuration to access the Internet,

  1. click File > Preferences > Internet > Proxy > HTTP Proxy.

  2. Enter the exact proxy host and port that your machine requires to access the Internet.

It is recommended to install the latest version of IBM Installation Manager before upgrading. To update the IBM Installation Manager automatically, you click

File > Preferences > Update. Then select Search for Installation Manager updates.


If your RPT computer is not connected to the Internet, you can find each update packages for RPT and IBM Rational Performance Tester Agent (RPT Agent) at the following URLs.

Downloads for RPT

Downloads for RPT Agent

Starting with version, update packages of RPT and RPT Agent can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central.

Any major RPT and RPT Agent release like RPT 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8?3 comes with full install packages. You need to download these packages from your IBM Passport Advantage access.

The following steps describe how you upgrade manually.

  1. Download all necessary packages.

  2. Extract each package to a temporary location.

  3. Define each repository location to IBM Installation Manager.
    Click File > Preferences > Repositories.

Necessary-packages rules

An update package of type RPT v.w.x.y is an update package to RPT v.w.x. Thus for such update ( v.w.x.y), you need to download RPT v.w.x as well as v.w.x.y. You can not apply v.w.x.y directly on v.w.

The same applies to v.w.x . This is an update package to v.w. Thus you need to have v.w for this update to apply.

Let's say you have RPT 8.2.0 and wish to update to RPT
In that case, you need to download both 8.2.1 and update packages.



It is recommended to download and install the latest version of IBM Installation Manager before doing your manual upgrade of RPT or RPT Agent.

You can find IBM Installation Manager packages on the IBM FTP server. These IBM Installation Manager archive files are full installation packages, not updates.

Starting with IBM Installation Manager 1.5.2, full installation packages can be downloaded from Fix Central. You need to pick All Software to find IBM Installation Manager in the product list.

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