Error 2072 and Specific Symptom 4 when Starting IBM SPSS Statistics

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When you start IBM SPSS Statistics you receive error 2072 and symptom 4


When you open an IBM SPSS Statistics file by double clicking or try opening IBM SPSS Statistics directly it will not start correctly and displays the following on the output window:
>Error 2072
>There was an unanticipated problem with the license for this product.
>Execution of this command stops.
>Specific symptom number: 4


The license checking has seen that there is a valid license however it does not appear to be valid for you and what you are attempting to do. It will usually be that the lock code may be different or that you have activated authorisation code(s) without "core"/"base" enabled. If you have accidentally generated your authorization code as an add-on code please create a Service Request and ask for licensing assistance.

Diagnosing the problem

There are other IBM documents available when searching on the error / symptom numbers which cover trial, academic and commercial licences and this document is intended for licences generated via the Licence Key Centre.

Resolving the problem

Have IBM SPSS Technical Support or BA Client Care degenerate the licence to check that it is suitable for your intended purpose.

For commercial customers, click here.

For student support please use this link for the student portal.

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Business Analytics SPSS Statistics Statistics Desktop Platform Independent Not Applicable Campus Edition, Developer, Faculty Pack, Grad Pack, Premium, Professional, Standard

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