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Can I use Virtual Optical Media Library with Content Manager for iSeries V5R3?

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I recently hired Lab Services to help me implement the Image Catalog Media Library for Archive, per the document at . Am I able to store Content Manager for iSeries documents to this virtual optical solution?


The Image Catalog Optical Media Library (Virtual Optical Library) is an alternative to physical optical libraries that attach to the IBM i (IBM 3995, IBM 3996, and Plasmon G-Series) for use as an archive storage repository with existing applications. Because this offering is based on virtual optical media stored in IFS directories, it has no dependencies on optical library hardware or host system adapters that can no longer be purchased. It is compatible with the latest POWER systems hardware and IBM i operating system versions. It maintains current application interfaces, so it offers a migration path from existing optical library media and preserves optical library enabled application investments.


Yes, this solution may be used with Content Manager for iSeries. The logic works the same way as "real" optical volumes, directories and subdirectories. The CM for iSeries application believes it is writing to real optical volumes when in fact these "volumes" are really virtual image catalogs located in the IFS.

Note: This solution has not been tested with WAF, and as such is not supported at this time.

To inquire about pricing and availability of the Image Catalog Media Library for Archive Lab Services Offering, contact Mark Even,, (507) 253-1313.

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