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The Work In Database field cannot be selected in the CR Show dialog

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I created a Rational Synergy database, initialized it for DCM, added a database definition, and allowed handover to that database. Now, when I add the database to Rational Change and submit a CR to the database, the "Work In Database" field does not display as a selectable listbox. Also, the 'Save' button is not enabled in the Show dialog. How do I fix this issue?


The listbox manager does not have the modifiable_in attribute set to be a Database Listbox using "all_handover_databases" and the Configuration Data (on the General tab) has not been loaded.

This issue can also occur when the backend session data is stale.


To fix this issue, perform the following steps:

1. Log in to Rational Change as an administrator.

2. Select Administration > Listbox Manager, and then select the 'modifiable_in' attribute and ensure that it is set to be a Database Listbox using "all_handover_databases".

3. Click the General tab and Load the Configuration data to save this setting for all databases.

4. Restart any open Rational Change clients to verify that the Show dialog is displayed.

If performing these steps does not resolve the issue, perform the following steps to ensure that the new back-end sessions start:

1. Take Rational Change offline: stop

2. Shut down Rational Synergy:


    Note: Informix, Rational Directory Server, and the License manager can remain online.

3. Restart Rational Synergy:


4. Restart Rational Change: start

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