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Enhancement request to expand error message on License Authorization Wizard

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For licensing of IBM SPSS Statistics it is required to run the License Authorization Wizard as Administrator to license the product or to grant write access permission to the license file.
However, if a person who would like to license the product without administrator priviledges and with no write permission to the license file they get an error message upon licensing on License Authorization Wizard :

===== During authorization using License Wizard =====

Authorization in progress ... (fc......auth code..cc4)
Authorization succeeded: STK...........license code.....KH#

Authorization error

* * * End Of Transaction. * * *
Successfully processed all codes


Above message is confusing. The message said "Authorization Success"
but it is followed by "Authorization Error" and closed by "All codes process successfully".
It looks like the License Code is successfuly created but actually since you don't have write access to license file, the license code is not created.

When you then launch Statistics, you get the following error:

Error # 2085
The temporary period for running SPSS for Windows without a license has
expired. Use the License Authorization Wizard to contact SPSS for a
license code.
This command not executed.

Specific symptom number: 37

You would also like to expand this request to prevent non-administrator user to execute the License Authorization Wizard. For example, the Statistics installation should disable executable permission of non-administrator user for License Authorization Wizard executable file.


An enhancement request (Reference ID: ECM00174719) was submitted to improve the error message on License Authorization Wizard such that it is indicated that there have not been enough permissions to authorize the license. Additionally the suggestion was made to prevent non-Administrators from executing the License Authorization Wizard.

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