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Pop-up - Another version of this product is already installed.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Upgrading ITM 6.2.2.x to ITM 6.2.2.x+ may cause the following pop-up to appear. "Another version of this product is already installed. To configure or remove this existing version of the product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. {A75F7F91-1FF2-49C6-ABFF-1FDAF54E7E67}"
When OK is pressed, the installation terminates.


Unable to upgrade ITM 6.2.2.x to ITM 6.2.2.x+. For example unable to upgrade ITM 6.2.2 FP2 NT Agent to ITM 6.2.2 FP4 NT Agent. Seems to occur more on 64-bit platforms than on 32-bit platforms. Also seems to occur more on Win 2008 than other Windows platforms.


Residual install directories on the local system are still visible to the Windows installer.



Diagnosing the problem

Use the attached program to diagnose the problem.

Resolving the problem

Use NTDepUpgCk.exe to first diagnose and then fix the problem. Use "tacmd putfile" and "tacmd executecommand" to run on a remote system, see sample below. The program has the following switches to diagnose and correct the problem:

/stopsetup - Terminate any running setup.exe that is hung on the target system. Note that this is not specific to ITM, so this could potentially affect other installation processes.

/id - Identify the residual directories on the target system that are causing the pop-up to appear.

/clean - Identify and delete any residual directories on the target system that are blocking the upgrade.

/fix - Change the Windows registry entry so the residual directories are hidden from the ITM installer.

NOTE: If /clean identifies a network drive and the popup still appears after using /clean use /fix to correct the problem. It will rename the network pointer and that will allow the install to process.

Sample Usage

1) Download the file from the technote and unpack it. This is the location of <sourcefile> in step 2.

2) Use tacmd putfile to move the NTDepUpgCk.exe to some convenient location on the target server like C:\TEMP
tacmd putfle --m <agentname> -s <sourcefile> -d "C:\TEMP\NTDepUpgCk.exe"

3) Use tacmd executeCommand to run the command using /stopsetup /fix options:
tacmd executeCommand --m <agentname> -c "C:\TEMP\NTDepUpgCk.exe /stopsetup /fix" -o -e -r -l -v

4) Review output to make sure the command worked.

5) Retry the remote deploy operation.

Note: After an install is complete, you may wish to use the /id option which shows temporary directories used during the previous install(s) and then the /clean option to remove those temporary directories. After the /fix process above the temporary directories will not be visible. Thus /id and /clean should be performed before the /fix process above.

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Software version: 6.2.2, All Versions

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Modified date: 11 July 2012