WebSphere Portal profiles created on 7002 binary installations fail to initialize

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WebSphere Portal profiles created on 7002 binary installations fail to initialize properly.


If you install WebSphere Portal as a binary installation and upgrade it to v7.0.0.2, the WebSphere_Portal servers in any new profiles you create will not initialize properly. You will see a ClassNotFoundException for the 'com.ibm.wps.devicesupport.PortalDeviceClassBootstrapService' class in the SystemOut.log of the server, and a '404 Initialization of one or more services failed' in the web browser when accessing the server:
[3/5/12 21:41:08:733 EST] 0000001b Servlet E com.ibm.wps.engine.Servlet init EJPFD0016E: Initialization of service failed.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.wps.devicesupport.PortalDeviceClassBootstrapService
at java.lang.Class.forNameImpl(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(Class.java:139)
at com.ibm.wps.services.ServiceManager.initInternal(ServiceManager.java:260)
at com.ibm.wps.services.ServiceManager.init(ServiceManager.java:173)

This is due to a defect in WebSphere Portal in this scenario that prevents the 'com.ibm.wps.devicesupport.PortalDeviceClassBootstrapService' from being properly registered.

PM56244 has been created to address this problem. Apply the fix for the APAR and follow all instructions in its readme to prevent/resolve this issue.

This error only occurs if you installed Portal as a binary installation and upgraded it to v7.0.0.2 before creating any profiles.

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