Availability of Adaptive Policy Feature on PD10.1 in Siteprotector 2.0 SP9

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Can you use the adaptive policy feature of PD 10.1 in Siteprotector 2.0 SP9?


The adaptive policy feature on PD10.1 was released only via a fixpack available on FixCentral for Siteprotector SP8.1. Currently, there is no corresponding fixpack available for SP9.
Customers who applied the fixpack and upgraded from SP8.1 to SP9 will still have access to this functionality with a workaround.

Customers who did not perform any upgrade, but installed directly SiteProtector SP9, should open an enhancement request to request this patch to be ported to SP9.

The fixpack will introduce two possible adaptive profiles, default and corpnet. It will rename the original firewall, security events and bypass filters policies by adding the keyword "Default" at the end of the name so that it is clear to which profile they apply. Three new policies with the same names except for the keyword "Corpnet" at the end will also be created.

Customers who applied the fixpack and have deployed these new policies, after upgrading their SiteProtector to SP9, will notice that they disappeared from the policy view in console.
This is caused by the fact that the SP9 update package overwrites a file where the list of policies related to PD 10.1, including the ones needed for the new Corpnet profile, are specified. The agents will still have these policies in place, the policies will still be stored in Siteprotector's database and deployed to the appropriate groups, but the user will lose the ability to modify them.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Close all of your consoles
  2. On your application server, make a backup copy of the file

    <X>:\Program Files\ISS\Schemas\cml\SiteProtector\sensorType28\BlackIceAgent.xml
  3. Overwrite this file with the one attached to this technote
  4. Open your console

There is no need to restart any services; the corpnet policies deployed when still at SP 8.1 will show up again in the policy view.

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