LPAR offline but attributes show data

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OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks workspace is reporting an OFFLINE lpar with high utilization of OSA's.


The LPAR Logical Channel Subsystem workspace in the TEP was showing incorrect values for a certain LPAR. For example:

Logical Channel Subsystem 0, LPAR # 5 (i.e. 0,5) contained the LPAR name with status = ONLINE status, but all values were 0

Logical Channel Subsystem 0, LPAR # 3 (i.e. 0,3) contained no LPAR name with status = OFFLINE, but all values shown were the correct values for the LPAR name given in Logical Channel Subsystem 0, LPAR # 5

Diagnosing the problem

Part of the output shows:

CPC ID = 00
LP NAME = lpar_name LP ID = 5
CSS ID = 0
MIF ID = 3

"LP NAME = lpar_name LP ID = 5" indicates LPAR name lpar_name is LPAR number 5, thus the LPAR name shows up under 0,5
"CSS ID = 0" indicates this is for Channel SubSystem 0
"MIF ID = 3" indicates the Multiple Image Identifier is 3, thus the data
will show up under 0,3

Resolving the problem

Change the configuration so that the LP ID and MIF ID identify the same LPAR number.

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