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Corrupt "Network Help Unavailable" page appears in Information Center

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Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


When there is a problem connecting to the remote Information Center in a Native Language environment, the text on the "Network Help Unavailable" page is corrupted.


The corrupted text is not reproduced here.

The following text shows what the "Network Help Unavailable" page looks like in English. You can use the Translate my page function on this technote to see the text for the "Network Help Unavailable" page in your language.

Network Help Unavailable

This condition may be caused by one of the following:

  • The remote server(s) could be down.
  • You may need to configure proxy settings to access a remote server.
  • Your machine may have lost network connectivity.

Note: Eclipse can not connect to any of your enabled remote sites.

Unavailable Siteshttp://

To view, edit, and test network information center settings, open Window > Preferences > Help > Content.


The corrupted text in the NL environment appears because of an encoding problem in the code in Eclipse.

This issue has been reported to Eclipse and the issue has been fixed as of Eclipse 3.8 M6.

Review for more details.

Resolving the problem

The "Network Help Unavailable" page will not appear correctly in an NL environment until after the Information Center adopts Eclipse 3.8 M6.

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