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Locating the Backint log file that contains the backup detail information

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When the BRTools for SAP® are used for a Data Protection for SAP® backup/restore, where can the log files containing the backup processing be found?


By default, the BR*Tools log files will contain the output of the Data Protection for SAP® processing. These files will be placed in the directory pointed to by the SAPDATA_HOME variable:

  • SAPDATA_HOME/saparch for BRARCHIVE (archive redo logs)

The filename for this log will be a coded timestamp and the extension will be as follows <coded_timestamp>.xyz
  • BRBACKUP detail log, where:
    x = a (whole, previously all), p (partial) , f (full), i (incremental)
    y = n (online) or f (offline)
    z = t (tape), p (pipe), d (disk), f (util_file) , r (RMAN), s (remote disk, stage)
    For example a full, offline backup using the util_file would have the extension .aff.

  • BRARCHIVE detail log, where:
    xyz = sve Original saved
    xyz = svd Original saved and deleted
    xyz = cpy Original copied
    xyz = cpd Original copied and deleted
    xyz = dsv Deleted, were saved once
    xyz = dcp Deleted, were saved twice
    xyz = ssv Parallel saved on two stations
    xyz = ssd Parallel saved on two stations and deleted
    xyz = cps Copy and save
    xyz = cds Copy, delete and save
    xyz = qua Query which tapes to be used
    xyz = cma Determination of software compression rate
    xyz = tia Tape initialization
    xyz = fst Stop archiving using brarchive –f stop
  • BRRESTORE detail log, where:
    xyz = rsb Restore backup files
    xyz = rsa Restore archive files
    xyz = rsf Restore individual files
  • Additional extensions:
    xyz = qub Query for which tapes are to be used
    xyz = cmb Determination of software compression rate
    xyz = tib Tape initialization
    xyz = rmp RMAN preparation run
    xyz = dbv Database verification with DBVERIFY
    xyz = ddb Delete of disk backup
For further details refer to the BR*Tools documentation. e.g.

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