Domino Server Appears to Hang On Start Up With New Process Semaphore Messages

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Domino server hang on startup after upgrade. Customer had upgraded from 852FP2 to 853 and domino server will not startup. On starting as an application it would throw "WAITING FOR SEM 0x0926 New process semaphore"


Cause turns out to be notes.ini file missing one of the previous settings.


In one particular case, comparison of notes.ini prior to the upgrade and post upgrade the latest one had the line JrnlEnbld=0 missing as the last line. Editing the notes.ini and adding JrnlEnbld=0 at the end of the notes,ini resolved the issue.

In another case there was an entry for JrnlEnbld=0 however there were entries in the notes.ini after this line, which did not seem to have a carriage return at the end of the last line.

To resolve the issue JrnlEnbld=0 was moved to the end of the notes.ini and it was ensured that the customer hit <Enter> to place a carriage return at the end of the line.

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