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Collecting Data for IBM Work Optimization for Water Utilities

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This technote describes the information that IBM Support needs for analyzing IBM Work Optimization for Water Utilities V1.0 issues. Collecting this information before you contact IBM will help in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs).


Collecting data early, even before opening the PMR, helps IBM Support quickly determine if:

  • Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery)
  • There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved
  • There is a defect and a workaround exists to provide relief

First, if you have not already done so, provide a problem description.

Problem Description: Provide a detailed description of the problem. Include sample input values as needed, along with your own analysis of the problem.
  • Detailed instructions for how to recreate the issue
  • The names of any models, events, or metrics that might be involved in the issue
  • How often the problem occurs. Include details about recent problem occurrences along with timestamps
  • Any workarounds used for the issue
  • The impact this issue is having on your business, including:
  • Any upcoming deadlines and dates
  • If the problem is seen in production, development, or testing
  • Any realized or potential affect on users

In the collection references below, the server from which to collect the data is indicated in bold. These servers are described in further detail in the Information Center under System Configuration.

For IBM Work Optimization for Water Utilities, support may request logs from the following servers:

Portal Server (icp002)
All System*.log and trace.log files in /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/logs/WebSphere_Portal

Installation server
The following files in /opt/SolutionFiles/logs:
  • IRU_Deployment_Wizard.log
  • IRU_install.log

Analytics Server (icp005)
The IBM Cognos Business Intelligence log file, cogserver.log, in
/ opt/ibm/cognos/c10_64/logs.

All CPLEX server System*.log and trace.log files in /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/cplex/logs/server1/

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Software version: 1.0.0

Operating system(s): Linux Red Hat - xSeries

Reference #: 1586107

Modified date: 11 October 2012